Are Bad Photos Costing You Showings?

Quite possibly, YES. All too often listings are placed online with photos taken by an IPhone, and while it is a relatively small thing it can make an enormous difference. Buyers will get their first look at your home online and first impressions are essential.

The quality difference between a cell phone photo and a professional real estate photo is night and day. Take the following example of a master bedroom. 

The IPhone photo is poor. It appears as though it was taken at night, the lighting is off and the photos is blurry. Additionally, the photo makes the space look small.

The professional photograph is brighter, it shows much more of the space and accentuates the large size of the room. It clearly looks better, and when selling your biggest asset your marketing should be high quality.

Take a look at another example. These photos were taken at the same time and same spot in an office lobby to show a true side by side comparison between a cell phone photo and a professional photograph.

The difference is significant. Selling your home is essentially a competition for the pool of buyers actively looking. Photos are so important because they are a critical component of your online listing and homeowners need to consider the message they are sending with low-quality photos. Certainly, most homeowners don’t consider their properties low-quality and no homeowner wants a low price. So don’t utilize low-quality marketing.

Buyer look at homes online. Gone are the days when every buyer tour dozens and dozens of homes. Granted some still do, but many buyers look online at all the homes available and narrow down to the top contenders for in-person visits. So when your online presence is sub-par, potential buyers can remove you from their lists without even seeing your home in person. The bottom line, do not make buyers look past the poor quality of your photos to see the redeeming features of your home.