The financial benefits of selling your home by owner can be substantial. In 2017 homeowners using Consultus made a net profit of nearly $9,500 more because they sold by owner rather than a traditional agent. That’s a lot of money! And you don’t spend $9,500 less without putting in some time and effort of your own. Any for sale by owner company that tells you they give you all the services without the commission is pulling your chain. Selling by owner is not the right choice for everybody and will involve activities that you could avoid if you listed with an agent. So, how do you know if selling by owner is right for you?

You Can Make Time - selling your home is not a fun process. Keeping it super clean and picked up is a hassle and vacating the house with kids/pets for showings can be a pain, and this is true whether you are selling with an agent or selling by owner. However, every call or email inquiry will come to you. Now your phone will likely not ring off the hook unless you’re really lucky, but it still will require time to answer, respond and schedule accordingly. On the plus side, you are the keeper to the castle and no one will get a showing without going through you!

You Can Talk to People - not everyone is social and that is fine. But this will require a customer service mentality. You are representing a product - which happens to be your house. And you want someone to buy it, but this is no ordinary purchase. It’s the biggest purchase in a person’s life. So feeling capable of conversing with a variety of people is important. If the idea of chatting with strangers gives you anxiety, selling by owner may not be for you.

You Can Emotionally Divest - most people get very attached to their homes and selling can be bittersweet, or just bitter. Certainly, if you don’t want to sell but life situations are forcing you to sell, then doing it yourself may prove challenging. Buyers could sense that reluctance. Furthermore, during open houses and showings potential buyers will often talk about small things like changing colors or furniture placement all the way to gutting a room or tearing down a wall. It will be important when you’re selling by owner to be able to hear those conversations and not get offended or upset.

If you think you can overcome these common hang-ups and sell by owner, the rewards can be pretty amazing. Call us today to get started!