We have all heard of the two D’s when preparing your home to sell, declutter and de-personalize. And they are very true, trying to minimize “stuff” and take down all the family photos are standard practices. When you are presenting a home for sale, you want it to look like buyers could move right in while looking like no one actually does the daily routines of living there. It can be a difficult balance. However, there are a few last minute fixes that can make a big difference!

1). Put away trash cans. Seriously, large trash cans in the kitchen are just an eyesore. Trash cans are usually dirty (they hold trash!), large and are often stuck at the end of the cabinets like an afterthought. The best real estate photography focuses on clean lines on the floors and horizontal surfaces and having a trash can in view disrupts those lines. This also applies to trash cans in the bathroom. We often see the small trashcan near the toilet, but it can also be an eyesore. The bathroom is already a small room so it’s important to keep those extras like trash cans put away. And speaking of bathrooms.....

2). Put your toilet seats down! No one wants to look at the inside of your toilet. Toilets are necessary definitely, but they are ugly. Like, who goes to the store for a new toilet and picks out one because it’s pretty? And, if you didn’t know, it’s where people poo and pee and no one wants to see that! Keep the seats down folks.

3). Get small rugs off the floor. Kitchens and bathrooms are the biggest culprit of the small rugs. There are rugs in front of the sink and rugs that hug the toilet. Just say no to these rugs. What they do is create ‘breaks’ in the clean lines of already small rooms. Creating a break in a large living room with a rug is completely different that doing it in a small room. You want the bathroom and kitchen to look clean and large. Rugs do not help so consider removing them while your home is on the market.

4). Toothbrushes. No one wants to see your personal hygiene items. This can also go for razors, makeup, cotton balls, pimple cream, etc. Absolutely removing these items from your bathroom countertops and open shelving is essential. This can be a real pain to keep up, but the better you do in your presentation the less time spent on the market.

5). Outdoor trash bins. Don’t put your trash bins right on the side of the house or in front of the house. Curb appeal is important, and most marketing will lead with the front shot of the home. Again, the goal is a very streamlined picture and nothing can break that up better than big old outdoor trash bins. Stash them in the garage while you are on the market.

These are just a few of our tips, but remember that Consultus offers personalized staging consultations before going on the market. And, of course, don’t spend all this time on preparing the home beautifully and then snap do-it-yourself photos. Well done staging is best captured with professional photos!