we believe in the power of the home

Home is not only where families are formed, It’s also an investment that appreciates in value over time. When it comes time to sell your most valuable asset, traditional real estate agents will charge a percentage of the value of the home — the more valuable the house, the more you’ll have to pay. There is a better way: Consultus. For a flat fee, we provide support and consultation that brings buyers and seller together, saving you thousands compared to the traditional real estate sales model. 

listing package 

Our listing package is $250 upfront and $1250 at closing.

Website_Icons-04.png#asset:118  Consultus Coach 

Our go-to guide who will be on call to assist you through the process. A Consultus Coach is experienced in real estate and will provide information and support.

Website_Icons-02.png#asset:117  Desktop Appraisal 

Everything starts with a listing price. We’ll help you find the sweet spot that maximizes your profit but doesn’t over price for the market.

Website_Icons-05.png#asset:120  Marketing Campaign 

We use major national sites Zillow and Trulia, social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, and direct mail campaigns to ensure you are placed in front of local buyers. Professional yard signs, open house tools and custom brochures are also included.

Website_Icons-04.png#asset:118 In-Home Staging Consultation 

Staging sells homes. One of our team will walk though your home and make suggestions regarding decor, furniture arrangements and extra touches to maximize the space.

Website_Icons-06.png#asset:121  Online Tools 

Buyers can use our online tools to ask home sellers questions directly and even make an offer. Once buyer and seller agree on the price and other main points, the partnered attorney will draft the purchase agreement. Our attorney will explain the contract in detail with the buyer and seller to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

Website_Icons-03.png#asset:119  Photos & 3-D Virtual Showing 

You only have one chance to make a first impression, and buyers will view your home online first. Our professional photographer will showcase your home in the best light possible. A 3-D Virtual Showing allows buyers to interact with your home and learn the layout online.

attorney services 

Legal support is available from our integrated attorney.

Draft of Purchase Agreement

For $200, our integrated attorney will draft a purchase agreement according to the terms agreed upon by buyer and seller and review with all parties to ensure clear comprehension and agreement 

Review of Purchase Agreement

For $100, our integrated attorney will review and answer questions regarding a received purchase agreement 

60-day commitment 

We ask that you commit to giving Consultus 60 days for our efforts to yield results. If you’re not happy with our progress before the 60 days is up, just reimburse Consultus $250 for your appraisal and you’ll owe nothing more. If you wish to cancel your service after 60 days and your house has not sold, you owe us nothing.

We are confident that with our tools and marketing expertise, we can help you get your home sold!

individual services

Website_Icons-04.png#asset:118  Staging Consultation 

Starting at $75, our staging expert will tour your home and make recommendations to prepare the home to sell.

staging.png#asset:1636  Staging Services 

Starting at $250, our staging experts will bring in furniture and decor to stage a vacant property.

Website_Icons-03.png#asset:119  Photography 

Starting at $75, our professional photographer will come to your home and capture a comprehensive range of images. 

virtual-showing.png#asset:1637  Virtual Showing 

Starting at $200, the virtual showing allows potential buyers to interact with your home in a unique way and fully understand the layout and floor plan. 

*Prices will vary depending on size and location of property