finding the perfect buyer

the consultus three-phase approach

Your Consultus coach will help guide you through each of these phases and always be available to answer questions and offer advice. You’ll work with experts in the field at each step as we build the foundation that maximizes the price you get for your home. 



Pricing Right
Prepping Home
Staging for Success

Preparing for Success

Everything starts with a third-party, fair-market appraisal. Getting an appraisal upfront helps the seller determine fair market value.

Most homes need some effort to be in market condition. They don't look the same as homes that are used and lived in everyday, which is one of the reasons we want your time on the market to be short! Our staging consultations will make recommendations to arrange furnishings and decor to best show off your home’s selling points.

For some extra guidance in the home's condition, we also offer certified inspections for an additional fee. Ask your Consultus Coach if you would like to learn more about this option.



Private Showings

Attracting Buyers

Almost every home sale today starts online. That’s why Consultus invests in professional photography and a 3-D Virtual Showing that allows buyers to do a walkthrough online. Inquiries go directly to the seller. We’ll help you arrange private showings and give you tips on how to best show your home.   

Your home will be listed on Zillow and Trulia, the #1 and #2 real estate websites in the nation. We also use social media, including Facebook, and Craigslist to advertise listings.  Every listing comes with a custom-made professional yard sign package and gets included in our ongoing direct mail campaigns. We do not use the traditional real estate MLS database because it goes to agents, not buyers, and increases the cost of marketing.



Negotiate an Offer 
Sale Pending Period 
Closing the Sale

Closing the deal

Every listing will include a “Make My Offer” button that goes to an interactive section which allows the buyer to easily and informally express interest in the property directly to the seller, and the seller to respond. Once buyer and seller agree on a price, our partnered attorney will draft a written purchase agreement which will be explained to buyer and seller at the same time, either in person or via conference call. 

During the sale-pending period, contingencies such as financing, buyer-initiated home inspection, and a lender’s appraisal are dealt with. 

When all the contingencies are satisfied, your home will be ready for closing. Our integrated attorney is able to handle the closing for an additional fee.

we make it easy 

Consultus takes the mystery out of selling your home and promotes transparency for everyone involved. We bring buyers and sellers together at the same table to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

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